Our wonderful customers are the reason we are in business. Below are some comments from our families and consumers.


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Draco customers

“In March of 2007 our son’s name came up on the HCS list. Needless to say we were thrilled. He had been on the waiting list for almost 10 years! With this good news we were also in a dilemma. We knew we had to pick a provider but WHOM? By the nature of my job I was familiar with some of the names. Through some investigation we decided to go with DRACO. That was a very wise decision on our part. Shortly after we went with DRACO we decided to become our son’s foster parents (through the HCS program). DRACO made that process very easy. We have been very satisfied with the staff and if we ever have a concern or question they are very accommodating and are willing to do what ever needs to be done to satisfy us. Because of the experience we have had so far with DRACO, my husband and I would feel very comfortable in recommending them to any other parents looking for a provider.” — C.S. – Mother and Foster Care Provider; Special Education Parent Liason


“Draco’s success as a company lies in the strength of their employees and the structure of their character. I have embraced the Draco concept of providing excellent care through training and a strong support team. I’ve gained precious insight on how to give exceptional care to my two foster sons.” — S.B. – Draco Foster Care Provider


“Home.” — M.P. – Consumer


“I love living here!” — Jim C.A. – Consumer


“I interviewed multiple providers prior to choosing Draco. I was impressed with their professionalism, supportive nature and knowledge of the service system – all this while maintaining a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We love you guys!” — K.W. – Mother and Foster Provider


“Draco has been extremely good to us. Alterations made to our home has made my son’s life much better. He now has access to his backyard which he hasn’t been able to do easily for the last 20 years.” — S.H. – Mother and Foster Provider